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Watch Party Details

A 48 hour schedule of Watch Parties hosted by various individuals on their chosen platforms. 


Watch parties can be just about anything as long as it follows our terms and conditions


Hosts can: 

  • Watch movies

  • Play games

  • Cosplay

  • Discuss Pop Culture Topics

  • Etc. Get creative!


To be scheduled into QuarantinedCon’s watch party room hosts must:

  • Host your watch party from a livestreaming account. (FB, YouTube, Twitch, etc)

  • Title the watch party with, “QuarantinedCon - (title of theme) watch party #socialdistancingqc”

  • Set up time slot in our 48 hours schedule. You may host more than one watch party at different times.

  • Dedicate at least an hour to your watch party. 

  • We ask all of our watch party hosts to be on time with your scheduled time/s and to play nice with others.


Watch parties are filling up fast so act now to be part of this. This is a great way to not only hang out with your friends during this quarantine but also make new ones from visitors joining your watch party. 


To schedule your watch party slots please Contact Us.

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