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Welcome to the Vendor Room!

Vendor links will be accessible on convention day. You will be able to watch stores across the country, chat, and purchase all kinds of pop culture goodies just as you would at an in-person convention through our easy-to-use, one-stop-shop platform!

Please read the Vendor Room Details page for everything you need to know about having your own virtual store page!


Third Planet

Comic books from the Golden Age to today, Graphic Novels, Toys, Games and more!

Having celebrated our 44th Year in business in 2019, Third Planet is the oldest operating comic book shop in America! We have a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff and a massive inventory. We are located in Houston, TX. Thanks for shopping with us!


Oz Wars Toys

Oz Wars Toys offers a colorful setup including licensed Vintage Character items such as Wizard of Oz, Hanna Barbara, Disney, Wonder Woman and other Superheroes, as well as TV/Movie Memorabilia such as Addams Family, Krofft Superstars, Muppets, Star Wars, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Items range from Key chains, vintage glassware, figures, costumes, collectible pins, and character plush. I also offer Character Treasure bags filled with LOOT in usable form: character backpacks, tote bags, lunch boxes, and crossbody bags.


Silverback Publishing

Silverback Publishing was founded as a way to give Artists meaningful projects to work with to build their portfolios.  Our goal is simple... to pair compelling storytelling with stunning art in order to give readers the best experience possible. 

Come check out our latest book! ​Strange Stories for Strange People is an anthology of 5 beautifully written stories containing elements of fantasy, horror, psychological thriller, sci-fi, and drama.


Angry Ogre Games

We are a game design and printing firm based in Houston, TX. Our goal is to bring enjoyment to you through board games and reunite families and friends around the gaming table. The digital age has brought many wonderful innovations in gaming, and our video game department is hoping to contribute to that as well. We feel that nothing can truly replace face-to-face interactions though. It's important to maintain a balance between your online and tabletop time.

PEW, Space Force, Pirate Dice, Card Swap, Sink the Titanic, and more!


Red Handed Studios

Red Handed Studios has several issues of the Dynagirl series available for sale, as well as the collector's edition of the Fallen Justice series, a 209 page graphic novel that collects the entire award winning limited series. We also have a wide variety of high quality convention prints available showcasing several characters from our comics.

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