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Vendor Room Details

Purchase Your Vendor Table Here!

Has the Corona Virus left you with nowhere to sell your products? Get your products for sale in front of online, ticket-buying attendees!


Vending at QuarantinedCon is just like any other convention.  You go to the convention hall before it starts and set up your store making it ready for your visitors. Once the convention starts, you have visitors in attendance who show interest in your products, come to your booth/store, and you answer their questions and sell your items. QuarantinedCon is no different. 

Our system uses the latest, state-of-the-art technology and is set up to give everyone who attends conventions the same experience as attending one in person to the best of our ability. Once you purchase your vendor space, you will be given access to load up pictures, descriptions, and set the prices of your products to your booth/store. When visitors visit your store/booth they will see a live stream screen, a live messaging chat feed where your patrons can ask questions or chat amongst themselves, a description of the store, and your products for sale. You will have the ability to mute and ban attendees in chat. Buyers are no different online than in person. They like to ask questions and have them answered. If you live stream from your store, you can personally greet them from your live stream or simply message them back in the chat box.   

Your Vendor stores can be used to sell just about anything as long as it follows our terms and conditions. Also, it obviously helps if you are catering to pop culture loving attendees. The people attending QuarantinedCon are the same people who were planning on attending all of the conventions that have recently been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine.

How will attendees be able to find my QC booth/store?

When attendees purchase their tickets, they will be given access to all of the various rooms QuarantinedCon has to offer, including yours! When attendees enter, they will see a list of vendor logos with names. When the attendees click on your store name they are taken to your booth/store profile with no other distractions.

Your patrons can easily: 

  • Watch your 1 minute welcome video

  • Chat with you

  • Browse through your listed inventory and purchase your products

  • See and hear you speak to them from your livestream window (Recommended)



To be a QuarantinedCon Vendor you must:

  1. Pay for your online booth/store

  2. Provide your logo and description

  3. (Optional) Send us a 1 minute video on your phone welcoming your patrons into your store. Briefly let them know what items they will love that you have listed for them.(Recommended)

  4. Due to various expenses and fees required to host this amazing technology, a 15% commission is collected by the platform from all transactions made. It should be much higher but we have negotiated lower rates for you due to the cause we are supporting.

Do you have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube?

(Use our hashtag #socialdistancingQC to reach more people in our network across all platforms.)


Let your followers know you’re vending at QuarantinedCon and hashtag #socialdistancingQC 

This will let your followers know where you're going to be doing your thing online while practicing social distancing. By using our hashtag, it will put your post throughout our various networks on any platforms you post to. This strategy will work on any hash-friendly social media platform you may be on.

Examples: (Always use photos when posting. People will respond more.)

  • I hope to see you all at QuarantinedCon! #socialdistancingQC

  • Join me at QuarantinedCon! I’ll be offering these new items! #socialdistancingQC 

  • I could get used to this #socialdistancingQC thing.

Due to expenses involved with hosting this large of an online event where multiple people will be actively on our platform, Vendor Space is limited.  Once we reach our cap all additional applicants will be put on a waiting list. This space is filling up fast. We recommend securing your Vendor booth/store before we reach our capacity.

What do I get with my Vendor Admission?

  • Access to your own booth/store with full user friendly editing & managing capability

  • List as many items for purchase as you like

  • Live Streaming Capability on your store/booth page

  • Live Messaging where your patrons can say hello and ask questions.

  • Your own personal tech support from 8am-5pm Monday-Sat to help you easily and quickly set up your booth/store

  • You are advertised on the site before and during the Convention

  • We provide you with graphics to share on your social media so you can advertise your business on various platforms

  • Full access to all of the rooms and events QuarantinedCon has to offer (Note: Some live Q&A Celebrity panels will be an additional charge if you want to join them.)

How much is a vendor store at QuarantinedCon?

Vendor tables are only $50 and are available HERE.

Can I pay for advertisement on the homepage to get more visibility during the convention?

Yes. We have 4 tiers of sponsored ads to choose from.

  • Sponsor Ad - Ad on Sponsor page - $100

  • Sponsor Ad Silver - Above plus mention in Re-cap Video - $250

  • Sponsor Ad Gold - Above plus banner ad - $500

  • Sponsor Ad Platinum - Above plus logo on t-shirts - $1000


Which state/locale sales tax rate do we need to pay?

1. If your business has a physical presence, or “nexus”, in a state, you must collect applicable sales taxes from online customers in that state.
2. If you do not have a physical presence, you generally do not have to collect sales tax for online sales.


We would sell through your software? Do you send us the proceeds less your cut via PayPal? Is your 15% of the cost of the product, or of everything including shipping?

QuarantinedCon is hosted on a platform called artfarm. It's a fully immersive ecommerce platform designed to handle all of the aspects of a convention, such as live streaming to interact and engage with attendees, Live chat to see attendees questions and comments, personal "rooms/booths" fully customized to the artist or vendor who sets it up. We also have tech support should you need assistance. It's all user-friendly and very easy to set up. Artist rooms and vendor rooms are similar but vendors can list an infinite amount of items in their store. Artists have print fulfillment options and are limited to 25 print uploads, but they can sell infinite amounts original items such as original art, sculptures, handmade items, ect. through the customizable commission system. Artists are also able to be "tipped" during their live streams. The 15% is an expense that artfarm has to charge in order to cover the various expenses that will occur on the tech side of things from operating this size of an event while accommodating the needs of everybody. This platform is integrated with Stripe, not PayPal. Each time someone makes a purchase from you, your money is automatically deposited in YOUR stripe account minus the 15% fee.

This is a great way for you to not only make money but also hang out with your friends during this quarantine and also make new ones from our attendees. 

If you have any questions, please message us using the Contact Page.

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