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We are expecting QuarantinedCon to host many visitors from now through out the weekend of the event on May 2nd & 3rd. We cannot predict how many but we are preparing for numbers reaching 1m+ people just in case we are successful in reaching the hearts of people wanting to help us in our mission.

Your Sponsored logo and website may not contain the following: 

  1. Lewd or sexual content

  2. Hate speech

  3. Content meant to be offensive or lacking political correctness.

Sponsor Ad - $100
Your sponsorship will help fund band-width and production expenses. 
You get your logo on the sponsor page of our Website with a link to your website.

Sponsor Ad Silver - $250
You get everything above PLUS: 
You also get a warm thank you and shout out for your business or brand on our QuarantinedCon Re-cap video that will be promoted on our various Youtube, FB, Instagram, Vimeo, & Twitter networks.

Sponsor Ad Gold - $500
You get everything above PLUS:
your ad in the main banner
This is a great place to get seen more than anyone because this is where everyone first enters the convention. If you purchased your ad now it would be up within 24-48 hours from the time you send us your logo or ad. (Our graphic team can help you if you don’t have fancy logos or imagery to use.)

Sponsor Ad Platinum - $1000
You get everything above PLUS:
We will ad your logo or business graphic to the back of the official QuarantinedCon T-Shirt.
People all over the world will be showing off your brand. Additionally, we will mail you a T-Shirt with your logo on it so you can wear it proudly because you supported and sponsored something bigger than all of us! Think of it like a badge of honor...or a very cool moving billboard.

If you have any questions, please message us using the Contact Page.

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