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Wand Consumables Paper Large 50X20cm Humid Storage

Wand Consumables Paper Large 50X20cm Humid Storage


Product information:

Material: paper

Effect: The moment of burning produces a dazzling light, the eyes of the dazzling audience can't see clearly for a short time, and the magic of ordinary disappearing or appearing effects is doubled, and there is no ashes after burning.

Instructions for use: It is forbidden for minors. This product is in a wet state from the factory. Dry it thoroughly before using it. Dry it naturally. Dry it as much as you use it. The remaining part is sprayed and sealed. Flammables.

Size Information:

Size:50*20cm, half wet weight is about 10g (fluctuates with different humidity), dry weight is about 5g, marked as the price of 1 sheet

Packing list:


Product Image:

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