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We are excited to have you join us for this unique social online gathering experience. Our hope is to spread positivity and provide distraction during this troubled time. This is not the type of "convention" where we post a bunch of links to everyone's personal pages and send you on your way. This is a proprietary, all-in-one platform where you can interact with artists, vendors, and celebrities and make purchases just as if you were at an in-person convention.

Please enjoy browsing through our many rooms where you can shop for art and collectibles, participate in live panels, and even find new like-minded friends in cool watch parties from our communities of people sharing their love of fandom while practicing social distancing.


To help us keep the vibe comfortable and pleasant, please read and follow these “10 Tips of Chat Room Etiquette” and familiarize yourself with "Wheaton's Law."

To find out more, please read our FAQ

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